Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jon Stewart Mocks Palin Pick

Posted by Teresa at 8:21 PM
Three quick points about Jon Stewart mocking Palin:

  1. I don't think the Palin pick was necessarily a direct appeal to Hillary voters.
    If he was trying to get a someone to appeal to Hillary voters, he would have
    chosen someone like Kay Bailey Hutchinson who is pro-choice and has more
    in common with Hillary. I think the move was more to energize the base,
    which he has. He's raised some doe. Conservatives not Hillaryites were asking
    for Palin.

  2. Am I the only that thinks that if McCain chose Tim Pawlenty or Mitt Romney,
    Stewart would be the first one mocking him for picking "another boring white
    dude." Welcome, to the Good Ol' Boy club! LOL! I can hear the jokes already.
    So it was going to be a lose/lose anyway. So it's perfectly fine that Democrats
    have been playing identity politics all this election cycle because they really
    care about minority and women issues, unlike Republicans. Because let's face
    the facts all women are pro-choice and monolithic.

  3. Funny how I've never heard one joke from Jon Stewart poking fun at Sen.
    Obama's inexperience. Can you honestly tell me that the majority of the American
    people knew who Barack Obama was a year and half ago? Apparently experience
    is now a must have.
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