Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bush Hatred vs. Obama Euphoria

Posted by Teresa at 11:50 AM
Wonderful article by Peter Berkowitz. A snippet:
Some will speculate that the outbreak of hatred and euphoria in
our politics is the result of the transformation of left-liberalism
into a religion, its promulgation as dogma by our universities, and
students' absorption of their professors' lesson of immoderation.
This is unfair to religion.

At least it's unfair to those forms of biblical faith that teach that
God's ways are hidden and mysterious, that all human beings are
both deserving of respect and inherently flawed, and that it is
idolatry to invest things of this world -- certainly the goods that
can be achieved through politics -- with absolute value. Through
these teachings, biblical faith encourages skepticism about grand
claims to moral and political authority and an appreciation of the
limits of one's knowledge, both of which well serve liberal democracy.
I noted in a previous post how they had literally demonized Bush in a skit
done by Sarah Silverman for no apparent reason. It was not for comedic value or
added to the skit. They just did it. I will give another example. Back in July I was
struck by a blog posting written by former Rocketboom host, Amanda Congdon.
Amanda Congdon has long been known to have a bad case of BDS. She posted a link
to a woman who died on the hospital floor, a very sad story indeed. Her immediate
response to the story? "Obama come quickly." It was almost as she believed
Obama could have saved her. So I don't think Mr. Berkowitz is exaggerating
in his opinion piece. For a group of people who have often said that they disliked
how Bush divided the world as good and bad, they sure do the same thing.
Bush = The Devil, Obama = The Redeemer.
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