Monday, February 2, 2009

Barbara Walters: Rush Limbaugh is the Leader of the Republican Party

Posted by Teresa at 12:11 PM
Today on The View veteran journalist, Barbara Walters, claims that Rush Limbaugh
is the leader of the Republican Party and "Republicans are relying on Rush Limbaugh."
She provides no evidence to back up this claim. I find this offensive. Veteran
"journalist" Barbara Walters is trying to label a political party as radical and fringe.
Unlike Barbara Walters I'm able to differentiate between the loud mouths that tout
the party line and actual party leaders. I certainly don't think Keith Olbermann,
Bill Maher, or Michael Moore represent the whole of the Democratic Party but
apparently Walters thinks a radio talk show host is the "leader of the Republican
Party." As a Republican voter, I don't remember getting asked who was the leader
of my party. I surely didn't give that mantle to some outrageous radio talk show host.
But apparently Barbara Walters and President Obama think GOP senators and congressmen/women sit around in their offices and vote the way Rush Limbaugh tells
them. It's offensive to the people millions of people who vote Republican. I actually
apologized earlier this year for inappropriately linking the radicals in left to the
Democratic Party. There's a difference between the radicals and the actual politicians
that hold public office.

Also on The View was an interview with 'controversial' filmmaker (that's the way
they labeled him) John Ziegler. He's the filmmaker of 'How Obama Got Elected.'
You can just see Joy Behar's disgust at anyone who doesn't loathe Sarah Palin. Joy
also defends the media's bashing of Palin's children while giving Hillary's daughter
privacy by saying, "Chelsea didn't get pregnant." So it's alright to make fun of Palin's
daughter because she was pregnant. Stay classy, Joy.

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